Key Objectives:

  • To provide, family friendly, traditional, community Christmas Fayre
  • To bring existing and new customers to Hill Road
  • To launch the seasonal Christmas shopping period for Hill Rd shops

To make a profit to be retained for future events and community projects

St Nicholas Fayre (locally known as Hill Road or St Nich’s Fayre} has been running for 5 years under the guidance of DMevents. Historically it was an event funded and organised by the shop owners in Hill Road as a way of saying “happy Christmas” to their customers and kicking off the local Christmas shopping season from as far back as 1970’s. For many years the stall holders were made up of local charities who paid for a stall to raise funds for their charity by running traditional things such as tombolas and raffles, games and entertainment.  Over recent years Increasing insurance premiums and legislation lead to a significant reduction in those able to attend. Three or four years of poor weather also led to a decline in stall holders. 

It has for many years been the biggest Christmas community event in Clevedon attended by around 3000 people.

Over the years the number of shop owners able and willing to give the time required to organise the event (at their busiest time of the year} has decreased. Increasing running costs and legislation has meant the event requires a more formal managed approach and as such the Fayre committee has invited Sam Harrison of DMevents to respond and take over the running of the event.